Texas Woman Widowed Twice and Becoming An Eagle


Uniquely inspired, and written as a memoir with practical application elements, Texas Woman Widowed Twice and Becoming An Eagle shows how joy will come in the morning. It offers a burst of refreshing hope and excitement, explaining that your life is not over and that God still has a plan for you. It features practical ideas and information that can enhance your life. This book is not about doom and gloom but reveals that you have a choice to be sad or glad. It is a story of a woman twice widowed who became like an eagle, soaring above her circumstances and overcoming them. This book is about stepping out into God’s purpose for you and then letting go of the past, whether it was good or bad, looking forward to your future. It will motivate you to listen to God’s still, small voice and let the next season in your life unfold.

Focus on the reason you were born and what you were created for and don’t focus on your loss. Be still to hear God’s voice, then you can swing across time expecting God to bless you.

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